Short, Loaded Antennas – Part 2

Part 2 of the two part series in QEX came in the mail today — woowoo!  This is the “actual measured performance” bottom line results part of the series.   Here is one screen snap taken without permission but with the hope of promoting wider interest in the content.  Results?  It reinforces what Bill, W6OAV has been restating for years.   Moving the loading coil from the base of a mobile vertical up to the center will increase the performance by 2 db.  Notice the gain with the coil at the base is -6.5 db.  The antenna with the coil moved half way up has a gain of -4.7 db.  Almost exactly 2 db improvement.   The author, Barry Boothe, W9UCW,  also reports the bottom line results of decades of testing things like effective ground resistance of different types of vehicles, angle of resonator to mast, capacity hat location, and empirical results of measuring the current in a loading coil from bottom to top.   Does current taper in a loading coil? You’ll just have to get the March/April 2014 QEX magazine from the ARRL to find out.