Short, Loaded Antennas — Part 1

Wowee.  “Short, Loaded Antennas” is part of the title to a feature article in the latest QEX magazine from ARRL.  Barry Boothe, W9UCW has published a pragmatic journey of antenna research.  I was fascinated and I can’t wait for Part 2.  Here’s one excerpt that should whet your appetite:

“The big deal of the day was the comparison of signal strengths between two otherwise similar antennas for 1.8 MHz.  One used a big high-Q coild with a 1:1 length/diameter ratio, 6 inches in diameter, with spaced turns of #10 wire and an air core.  The other used my skinny 7/8 inch diameter close wound coil with #20 wire on a piece of PVC pipe and a 20 to 1 length/diameter ratio. And worse yet, my coil was covered with shrink tubing!

As was expected, the higher Q antenna was better, but by only 0.3 dB.  That’s right, three tenths of a decibel!  That was not expected!”    The journey begins…..   You’ll have to get a copy of QEX to read all 9 pages of the article.