Raspberry Pi on the cover of QST!  Right smack in the middle, lying on the Python book is an actual Pi.  It is so impressive that the ARRL is right on the forefront developing ham radio applications for the coolest microcomputer to come down the pike lately, the Pi.  Inside is mentioned what is being developed is a panadapter with TV dongle.  ARRL is also developing a panadapter for the Beagle Board Black and the KX3.   Nice, nice, nice.  I can’t wait.   Go, ARRL.






I moved the PAR20 this morning to an aspen tree using the slingshot launcher. Wow. First qso is HA6ZB in Hungary giving me a report of -14db (JT65 of course). I love it. The antenna is invisible with no fiberglass support pole to give it away. This is where it will stay for the winter, I think. Gotta love these PAR’s, right?

I’m already thinking of replacing the PAR with the CQC antenna to give me more bands.