PAR EF-80m antenna installation

This is a full half wave length on 80 meters, meaning it’s 135 feet long.  Getting that much wire strung up to be a vertical antenna is beyond me.   As a compromise, I put a bunch of army surplus fiberglass poles together as tall as I could.   The wire goes up the poles for about 25 feet.   From there it slopes at 45 degrees over to my big tower.   Not ideal but it gets the wire somewhat vertical.


Photo: PAR EF-80 80m half wave dipole is up and running in time for the 80m dx season this winter.  It's in a sloper configuration, running from this fiberglass pole up to an arm mounted on the side of the main tower.  I chose to go with the EF-80 this year instead the quarter wave vertical of past years.  Hopefully this eliminates near field ground interaction, giving a little more gain.  It dips at 3.550 mHz which provides coverage for cw, psk, and JT65. I hope to work you there!

I worked quite a bit of QSOs with this antenna but only stateside.  I was hoping for dx, of course.  I modeled the antenna and the slope kills the low angle takeoff.  Takeoff angle is about 40 degrees, making it a great NVIS, and explaining the lack of dx.  It’s coming down.

Thoughts on next antenna trial:

A K5RP rectangular loop for 80 meters.


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